Ground Under Repair!

Posted by Ben Murphy on

The problem

So your ground is under repair but no matter how many barriers you put up people are still walking across the delicate areas with heavy boots and even heavier machinery.

One option is to use our standard range of signage to help get your message across.

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The Solution

Alternatively, we have produced a lightweight, affordable and extremely practical G.U.R. sign that comes as a one piece sign for trouble-free installation and lasting endurance.

In the past we’ve tried similar solutions however the cost of stakes along with the sign itself outweighs the purpose of the product.  So like our 12″x8″ one-piece signs, we’ve included the ‘stake’ in the shape of the sign and added text.  It’s certainly no messing about.

Did I mention that it’s cost effective?  The more you purchase the lower the price gets.  Please visit our shop and log in to view your bespoke pricing – including applicable discounts on every product.

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